202, Notting Hill


They say it’s never good to go shopping on a empty stomach…but sometimes that dress is just calling your name so you force yourself to calm down your roaring tummy and prioritize clothes over avocado on toast (the struggle is real, tough life indeed).  Insert 202, one of Notting Hill’s long-standing trendy brunch/lunch places located on the fashionable Westbourne Grove.


202 is a modern concept store/restaurant creation, where one can update its wardrobe while waiting for a table for brunch. The restaurant part is on the ground floor, with a few tables outside (great for people watching, but beware of the long queue), while the store is located downstairs. To be honest, I’ve never bought anything in the store as I cherish food more than clothes (thus a food blog and not a fashion blog), but the store stocks designer goodies by Nicole Farhi, so definitely worth a look.

Enough about clothes, let’s talk about what really matters – FOOD!


The menu is more extensive than the photo above, but what’s a salad girl going to have but a salad? There’s 5 options, ranging from £12.50 – £20.50. Notting Hill prices, even salad leaves are expensive around here 🙂 But you get what you pay for – basically happiness on a plate! I went for the Superfood salad with chicken, quinoa, red cabbage, almond & ginger dressing; washed down with a carrot & orange juice for good measure of color variety 🙂


I was hoping that I’d get to taste another salad from the menu, but my W11 lunch partner in crime decided to be a copy cat and ordered exactly the same (with a side of chips, because not everyone is a rabbit).  There’s 4 more salads to try and I already have my eyes on the goat’s cheese and fig one.

I’ll definitely be back at 202. Great atmosphere, good service and lots of rabbit approved options.


202 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill, London W11 2RH


Overall 202 rating:

Yummy in my tummy: 4/5

Beach body friendly: 4/5

£ Once a day or week £: Once a week


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