Farmacy, Notting Hill


There’s been a wave of ph(f)armacies opening around London – all the edible kind though! The new Westbourne Grove vegan restaurant, Farmacy, doesn’t sell any medicine, but its food sure has healing properties as most of the menu is either vegan, gluten free, dairy free or nut free.

Farmacy opened last month as part of Camila Al-Fayed’s (the daughter of ex Harrods owner Mohamed Al-Fayed) intiative to bring “healthy comfort food” to London. Farmacy is a great example that vegan food is anything but boring; desserts and healthy cocktails definitely play a part in a vegan’s life. I am not vegan myself but I can say that I did not miss meat tonight in any shape or form.

There’s a few salad girl friendly options, including traditional salads such as vegan caesar salad, as well as earth bowls – let’s call them hearty salad versions 🙂 Most salads are within the £12 range and truly filling.


I went for the Macro Bowl, which is vegan and nut/gluten free – a nutritional mix of everything from “activated” quinoa to sweet potato (which I honestly did not recognize on my plate and even asked the waitress if they forgot to add it):


…turns out the purple mash is actually the missing sweet potato! Fair enough; “missing sweet potato” mission aborted 🙂

My friend had the Indian bowl:


which was great, but lacking some greens as far as my personal taste is concerned.

Farmacy is on a good path to become Notting Hill’s new Granger & Co; it was super packed on an Thursday evening. With summer around the corner, it’s a good place to meet friends and have a meal out that you won’t regret the next day 🙂

Overall Farmacy rating:

Yummy in my tummy: 4/5

Beach body friendly: 5/5

£ Once a day or week £: Once a day

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