Franze & Evans, Shoreditch


Brick Lane on a Sunday is never going to be a breeze;  but once you’re past dozens of street food stalls tempting you to eat your body weight in curry, you’re actually faced with choices of healthy eateries. One of them is Franze & Evans, a cute corner cafe serving brunch, all day salad pick’n’mix salad options, as well as mouth watering cakes.



Once I managed to physically remove myself from the cakes, I walked over to the salad display:


The options are (almost) endless: there’s 8 salads in total, split in top shelf  & bottom shelf, with the bottom shelf being the priceier one for a hefty fee of 1 GBP (hello #bigspender) 🙂 image

I went for a mix of 3 salads in total: quinoa, mix sprout and avocado salad; washed down with the Detox Green juice…doesn’t get more green that that!


Really nice combo, although I would’ve liked to see a few more protein options. There was one salad with chicken, but it would be good to add some prawns, salmon to the menu – just a suggestion.

The vibe at Franze & Evans is perfect for a Sunday afternoon – for anyone who wants to move away from the hustle and bustle of Brick Lane, I would definitely recommend this cute little place. Staff was super friendly and even if you’re not into your greens on a Sunday, this place is definitely worth a visit just for its cakes. If there’s a London Cake Girl out there, I’m sure she’d approve 🙂

Overall Franze & Evans rating:

Yummy in my tummy: 4/5

Beach body friendly: 4/5

£ Once a day or week £: Once a day




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